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5 Harmful SECRETIVE Substances in our Foods

#1. Sodium Nitrite Nearly all processed meat and canned soups contain sodium nitrite. This type of salt is used to […]


Lighten up on Salt!

There is more hidden salt in your diet than you know. Most of the sodium consumed in Singapore is already […]

Salmon Fats

Good Fats vs Bad Fats

Fat is an essential nutrient that our body needs – it plays an important role in functioning as an energy store, […]


Sugar – Should we eliminate it from our diet?

We need sugar! Added sugar = extra calories with no nutrients Excess sugar = Diabetes Continue reading to find out […]

Rainbow of Fruits & Vegetables

Harnessing A Rainbow of Fruits & Vegetables

Why is it important to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your daily diet? Fruits and vegetables are essential for a […]


Happy Deepavali + Halloween!

Health Can Be Fun wishes you a happy Deepavali holiday and happy Halloween! This is how we roll our holidays! […]