The Nutritionists’ guide to a $50 Christmas Hamper

Posted on December 12, 2017 by Fiona Chia

Christmas Hamper

‘Tis the season of giving! Sometimes we do not need to go over our wallet to make a hamper as gifts for your loved ones. Health Can Be Fun Nutrition team has put together a relatively nutritious and affordable Christmas Hamper just for you. We purchased products from accessible places (Online & Offline), and have everyone in our team to evaluate. So let’s get started!

1. Naturel Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($7.70 from Cold Storage)

Taste: Robust olive oil flavour
Healthiness: High in monounsaturated fat

Olive oil is a type of unsaturated fat – this good fat has many health benefits such as improving heart health by lowering blood cholesterol. It can be used easily by adding to salad dressing or preparing pasta sauce!

2. San Remo Wholemeal Spaghetti ($1.95 from Redmart)

Taste: Nutty
Healthiness: High in fibre

Choose wholemeal spaghetti over the standard ones! They are richer in vitamin B, richer source of fibre, and minerals content with every mouthful.

3. Yolky Truffle Chips ($8 from Naiise)

Taste: 4.3/5 – Rather salty but addictive!
Healthiness: 1/5 – We like it, but as a snack when eaten often can increase excess calories

You know something is good when it’s wiped out in 10min. The chips were thick (3 cheers for wavy chips!), crispy and fragrant with truffle oil. Your self-control got to be strong with this one!

They have salted egg yolk chips available as well.
The truffle chips were kindly sponsored Yolky (Thank you Yolky team!).

4. Waitrose Camomile Tea ($3.45 from Cold Storage)

Taste: 4/5 – The flowers’ aroma has brought us to another country! 
Healthiness: 4/5

As the packaging states “by chefs & nutritionists” 😉 A decent camomile tea but nothing spectacular. Camomile has lots of benefits including helping you to sleep better! Remember to ditch the sugar – It already tastes good on its own!

5. Super Life Co Quinoa Meal (Chinese Mushroom) ($8.90 from Redmart)

Taste: 2.2/5
Healthiness: 2.2/5

Though a small amount of this superfood may not be sufficient for some, it sure does provides us with numerous nutritional benefits under 30 minutes! Quinoa is packed with essential amino acids, fibre as well as iron. Quinoa is easily available in supermarts and you are able to do so much with it!

6. Salt Grammar Salt(s) (Bali Black Coarse Salt $4.50 and Himalayan Pink Salt $4 from Naiise)IMG_6137

Taste: Nil
Healthiness: Nil

These charcoal salts come naturally from mineral-rich seawater of Bali. Containing activated charcoal, these mineral salts can be used as finishing salt on salads and meat dishes. Or presentation for cocktails and bakes/desserts.

“Pretty-in-pink” Himalayan salt has richer mineral and electrolyte contents compared to common table salt. They can be used in similar ways like grilling vegetables, cooking soups and baking!

7. Cashew and Almond Nut Spread ($6.97): (Raw cashew $15.50 and Raw almond $13.40 from Redmart)

Taste: 3.7/5
Healthiness: 4.5/5

Why buy when you can DIY! This homemade nut butter consists of cashew and almond nuts, with a minimal amount of oil used. With every spoonful of nutty flavour, this is definitely a healthier version to indulge in! Check out our recipe here.

8. MAPROW Baked Coconut Chips ($2.80 from Naiise)

Taste: 3.5/5
Healthiness: 3.5/5

These coconut chips would be a good alternative on days when we do not feel like having fruits for snacks! It gives you the crunch that your mouth itches for – a great replacement for those high-caloric filled potato chips! It might be a little sweet when eaten alone but it’s also great for toppings on your salads or even smoothie bowls. Check out smoothie bowls recipes from this blog.

Total Cost: $48.27

BONUS: Lindt Sea Salt Dark Chocolate ($5.85 from Redmart)

Taste: 4.6/5
Healthiness: 1.6/5 – Cocoa contains flavonids (antioxidants)

What is a gift hamper without delicious chocolates! One of our favourite Swiss chocolates, Lindt, produces great chocolates in the world. We chose the sea salt dark chocolate because of the tinge of saltiness within the sweet chocolate. Slightly too little cocoa (45%) to our liking but we’d make do with it being so rich tasting!